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Liatoss indoor / outdoor interactive vitrine 40"

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Quick overview

You can use any plain surface, such as your office window, to make indoor / outdoor interactive system. Don't waste your time, make your window working for you.



Transparent polymer film that can be applied to non conductive materials and turn them interactive. Very thin, it uses projected capacitive technology, making it possible to apply on the back of a glass and detect finger touch on the front of the glass.


  • Turn any non metallic surface interactive
  • Display interactive contents in unusual places
  • Let your audience engage with you


  • Flexible transparent interactive film
  • Interactivity goes through non metallic materials up to 25 mm of thickness
  • Sizes from 30" to 116" *
    • Material: Flexible and transparent electronics polymer
    • Detection method: Nanowires grid technology polymer-based
    • Input method Finger and gloved hand touch enabled
    • Skin thickness: 100 microns
    • Skin weight: from 73 up to 1986 grams
    • Connection: USB and Serial (different sizes)
    • Power requirements: Provided by the USB or Serial interface
    • Fixing method: Removable or Permanent Skin option available. Permanent application by default, unless otherwise requested; specific mounting instructions for each method.
    • Clearning method: Use water droplets in a lint-free cloth
    • Optical light transmission: 96% through skin
    • Touch thickness:Adjustable by software to a maximum thickness of 17 mm from the skin to the finger touch surface
    • Speed of response: 17msec through 6mm glass
    • Mouse control options: Move Mouse Only, Activate on Touch, Activate on release, Drag and Drop, Touch/Hold/Release and Double Click
    • Alignment: Software drivers provide a 3 point calibration alignment
    • Glass specs: Skin is prepared to work in single glass non-metalized, as standard; Available to work through double glazing (1) up to 25 mm thickness if required and specified before production starts
    • Response distance: detects touch even without physical contact up to 10 mm distance
    • System resolution: usually 1024 x 768 but capable of working with higher screen resolution
    • Right click: Right Click emulated by software
    • Calibration drift: no drift
    • Accuracy: Maximum 1,9% of screen error within the recommended viewing area
    • Permitted PC resolution: Unaffected by computer display resolution
    • Drivers: Available for Microsoft Windows 98, XP, Vista and Linux
  • *Standard specifications, custom-made units can be produced



    • Temperature range -11 to +71°C
    • Humidity controller: 0% to 96%. Not affected by condensation
    • Water skin resistance: Resistant to water on the SKIN surface
    • Controller water resistance: Tolerance to accidental water droplets; affected to continuous water exposure
    • Abrasion resistance: Unaffected by surface scratching since it´s protected behind a material
    • Chemical resistance Unaffected by surface chemical cleaning solutions
    • Liquid resistance: Liquids on the SKIN does not affect performance
    • Agency approvals: CE, FCC RULES, EN55022:1998 and EN55024:1998
    • Skin life time expectancy: no occurrence of an end of life product
    • Controller life time expectancy: 1 million hours


    1 year warranty


    shipping method: Cylindrical tube of 160 cm high by 8 cm diameter; weights from 3 up to 7 kg (considering carton weight, protection skins, cable and CD drivers)

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  • Our main warehouse is located in Villeneuve, Switzerland
  • Few products are available in our show room at Ch. Vert 9, 1804 Corsier-sur-Vevey, Vaud, Switzerland
  • There are products ready for world-wide shipping from a warehouse, in Dubai International airport
  • Our luxury product are available for world-wide shipping from Moscow, Russia
  • Many products are produced in China, so they are available for world-wide delivery from Shenzhen, China


6 years in the Swiss interactive business

  • 2009

    Liatoss Sarl is established in Switzerland, canton Vaud.

  • 2010

    We start our business communications with Swiss partners offering Friendlyway Impress 46 kiosk with Directorix(r) navigation system

  • 2011

    Installation Directorix in Villeneuve Outlet, Lancy center, Signy center

  • 2012

    Installation touch foil frame in Villars in Swisslandgroup Sarl office

  • 2013

    Developing and producing interactive tables for café and restaurants

  • 2014

    Taking over control on DMH screen network of interactive kiosks in Swiss golf clubs

  • 2015

    We start our e-shop for kiosks and interactive turn-key solutions...

Contact Us

  • Address: Liatoss Sarl c/o Appont Conseils, Ch. Vert 9, 1804 Corsier-sur-Vevey, Vaud, Switzerland
  • +41 (21) 552.07.20
    +41 (76) 478.88.10

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